How to Clean Your Suit – Angel Competition Bikinis


Step 2: Flip your suit inside out and gently pour some detergent right onto the heavily soiled areas. Use a toothbrush to softly rub the area until the glue and tan breaks down. Be gentle and patient. It will come off!

Step 3: Once you get all of the leftover suit glue and tan off, empty the sink and continue to slosh and rinse your suit in cold water. You will probably have to repeat this 4-6 times, or until the water is no longer “soapy.” Gently lay your suit on a towel and allow the water to drip out for about an hour. You can then drape your suit over a hanger to finish air-drying. Once your suit it dry, place it in a safe place away from pets and children.

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It’s what makes your hard work, confidence, and beauty really shine on stage,. It’s one of your most prized possession as a competitor (besides your body) and should be handled carefully when you finally clean the suit glue and layers of spray tan off of it. The fabric could be discolored or stretched if you don’t clean it properly.

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