Gym Bag – Angel Competition Bikinis


1. GLUTE CIRCLES or BOOTAY BANDS: These are perfect for lower body day, you can use them for warming up and activating your glutes before your workout. You can use them during squats, leg press, or glute bridges to target more of the bootay and make the exercise more challenging.

2. LIFTING BELT: I always use a lifting belt during heavy sumo deadlift, squats, and anything that I might need back support because it helps me brace my core and gives me something sturdy to push off of.

3. KNEE SLEEVES: These keep my knees warm and give me extra support in the squat.

4. WARMUP OR PUMPUP BANDS: These are the same bands that I like to bring backstage for show day pump up. For the gym I use them to warm up my upper body and sometimes to help with stretching.

5. ACBikinis Sports Bra: It is so comfortable and supportive!

6. HEADPHONES!!!!: Never forget headphones. I tune everything out, blast some loud music, and get in the zone! Music always gets me in a great mood.

7. WATER GALLON: I bring my reusable water jug so I can stick to my water goals for the day. It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially during contest prep.

8. SUPPLEMENTS: I always drink BCAAs during my workout, and if I’m having an “off day” I drink Pre-workout.

Angel Pro Multi Color. Under the Sea Mix with Crystal Trim. Hologram Turquoise

9. ANKLE STRAPS FOR CABLE MACHINE: If you’re a bikini girl you know it’s all about the bootay! I love to finish glute day with cable kickbacks. Cable kickbacks, completely isolate the glute. Most gyms don’t have these straps, so for me, it’s a must to always have them.

10. SHAKER CUP: To mix my pre-workout.

11. WRIST WRAPS: I don’t have great grip strength, sometimes my grip gives out. Wrist wraps allow to lift more weight during a deadlift and focus on the muscles I am trying to work.

12. POST WORKOUT ESSENTIALS: face wipes, deodorant, perfume, soap, headbands, change of clothes.

13. PRACTICE SUIT: For when I want to practice my posing routine.

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