Competing In Highschool With Your Mom – Angel Competition Bikinis


Having my mom in prep with me this time around has been a great experience because there’s someone else in my household that also has to eat a really clean diet. It’s also been nice to have someone that lives with me, that I can talk to about my weekly weight goals, posing, training ,etc. As most competitors know, no one truly understands everything that goes into competition unless they’ve actually done it themselves, so being able to share that with my mom is very special. I am proud to say that I have such a supportive family, trainer, team, and group of friends behind me. 

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Most people would probably think that being in high school, girls my age would be catty about what I do, but most are super supportive. In fact, I actually receive most judgement from adults who find it “inappropriate”. Bodybuilding has taught me a lot about living a life that’s for me and doing what I want to do. I used to care a lot about what others think and bodybuilding has made me stop caring about that, and just do what makes me happy. I’m so glad that I have found something at such a young age that pushes me to be a better version of myself everyday. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for me!

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