ANNOUNCEMENT ALERT! We’ve been shortlisted… – Curvy Kate UK


We want to say a BIG thank you to everyone involved in the campaign from our beautiful boob twins to everyone on social who supported the campaign, we are so excited to be nominated!



The Swimwear Confidence Take Two campaign was inspired by our wonderful customers, we want to represent you in everything we do! This campaign was a chance for us to share how different bodies can look in the same swimwear and even show how different the same two boob sizes can look in the exact same swimwear too! It was a chance for us to encourage body LOVE, and inspire everyone to leave any comparison, judgement, self-doubt and negative thoughts at the door!

It doesn’t end there…We’ve also been shortlisted for the Best Place to Work Award!

We are thrilled, but we can’t say we are surprised, what’s better than spending all day designing bras, making Tik Toks about boobs, bra fitting our curvy babes and spreading nothing less than good vibes??


@curvykate Don’t they make a good pair…of BFFs 🍉 Meet Pip Melonie, the Curvy Kate office mascot 🥰 #officelife #bts #melons #watermelon ♬ original sound – jemaine



From travelling to Santorini to shoot our summer campaign, to being on Radio 1’s Breakfast Quiz with Greg James, having our products featured on This Morning, visiting trade shows in New York or spending the day in the office, the Curvy Kate team is always on the go! That’s how we like it, when you are as passionate about boobs as we are it doesn’t feel like work!

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