How To Choose A Boudoir Photographer


Some tips on finding a good boudoir photographer:


1. Their style

Take a good look at the boudoir portfolio of the photographers you are considering. Do you like their style? Is it bright & airy or dark and moody? Perhaps they can shoot both styles, if so, can you select which you prefer? Is their work artistic and tasteful, or simple and raw?

Could you see your photos in that style? After all, these samples of their work represent what they bring to the table. The boudoir photographer you choose will deliver images similar to what you are looking at on their website & social media.

2. Their reputation

Does the photographer have a legitimate business with a website? Do they have a history of consistent social media and blog posts? Do they have credible references on Google Business or other review websites? Do they have video testimonials?

Another thing to consider is do they specialize in boudoir? Or is it just one line of their photography offerings. Someone who specialize in a field is going to have a better understanding of what a client needs. It is more than taking pictures, it is helping a client overcome their inner dialogues and succeeding with her photoshoot.

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