Boudoir Beauty Tips And Tricks


4. Say goodbye to unwanted body hair

If you prefer to wax, schedule it three to five days before your boudoir session so any irritation will fade. If you shave, pay particular attention to underarms, bikini line and your face. Also check your eyebrows to be sure they give you a clean, natural look.

5. Do you need a tan?

As a boudoir photographer, I want your photos to represent who you are. If you are usually tan, then tan is fine. If not, you don’t need a tan to look sexy.

If you decide to tan, be careful. You don’t want to burn your skin, splotchy red isn’t the color of skin you’ll want. You also don’t want to tan to the point of looking like an Oompa Loompa in your boudoir photos.

If you decide to spray tan, I recommend you be careful. I had a client who spray tanned with a particular product for years. She trusted it to make her look good. The day of the shoot she came in with orange patches and streaks all over her. This time it didn’t work, and she ended up paying extra for additional editing to even out the problem.

6. Healthy hair helps

Another important boudoir beauty tip is to keep your hair clean and healthy leading up to your shoot. Make sure to touch up roots or stray grays if needed the week before your session.

I advise you not to experiment with new products, colors or hair styles before your appointment. If something happens and you don’t like the results, you’ll be stuck with them.

Wash your hair the day before the photoshoot with some volumizing shampoo and blow dry with volumizing mousse.

If you have booked our luxury boudoir experience, our in-house makeup artist and stylist will make sure you love your look before the shoot.

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