Nervous About Your Boudoir Photoshoot?


Let’s look at some reasons you may be nervous about your boudoir photoshoot:


1. Negative Self-Talk

We allow ourselves to criticize aspects of our bodies. These thoughts become so ingrained that they become our reality.


Say this outloud: No one is perfect!


There is no such thing as too heavy, too thin, too old, too many wrinkles, too many scars, too much cellulite or too many stretch marks. Our bodies continue to change, it is a part of who we are and shares the story of your life.


Are your stretch marks from pregnancy? If you love your child, you should love the story your body tells of the time you nurtured them inside of you.


Even imperfections contain an element of perfection! So focus on self-love and body positivity to help yourself past negativity.

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