Coming Back Into Balance – Nude Alexis

  • February 25, 2023

I know I am not the only who sometimes feels like their life is out of balance. I’m not just talking about a work, life, family, and personal time balance, but more of a total body imbalance. Over the past several months…well, probably at least a year now, I haven’t felt like I was in a fully balanced state emotionally, spiritually, and even nutritionally for a very long time. I think this has been the biggest reason for my long lapse in being consistent with my writings, and why I have been reclusive in many aspects of my life. I’ve been searching for that balance and never even realized it. I began to realize this week that I needed to reset myself and begin to focus on what was bringing me out of balance, and identify the steps required to help bring that balance back into my life. Spoiler alert: My nudity and wine alone could not fix this full body imbalance, but I am working on identifying the steps to bring this back into my life. Here are a few things I have identified so far that I feel my body, mind, and spirit are yearning for.

Naked In Nature

I am extremely guilty of hiding within the confines of my home and enjoying my nakedness alone, and over the last two years it’s been difficult for me to get outside and be one with nature. Two years ago, the ex and I came to an agreement where we would do what’s called “bird nesting”. Basically, the premise is the marital children stay in the home, and the parents take turns staying in the home with the kids. This was a drastic change from when we initially separated and I stayed in the home, but the girls went back and forth between here and their Nana’s, where the ex was staying. While the ex was staying at his mothers house, I would often go many days, even up to 5 days naked at home. It was the middle of COVID and working from home was the only option. I would often sit on my back porch during the day and work naked while drinking my coffee. It was a very glorious time for me and a time when I felt like my best. In February, 2020, we ended up getting an apartment to share. While we were doing this bird nesting thing, we would take turns between the apartment and the marital home. This worked out great financially, but as time went on it became worse and worse for me. I was able to get a lot of naked time, up to four days, but I was confined to that damned apartment with no escape. While it was a good “vacation home”, it was doing a lot of bad things for me mentally. Thankfully, now, we have come to an agreement where I get to keep the house as part of the divorce, and he has found a house to rent. Now we are completely independent of one another and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, I have my home back. It was very pretty here today with temperatures in the 80’s, and I was able to spend some time on my back porch naked while working. Being able to work outside in my screened in porch area is such a blessing. Even as I write this I am sitting here on Thursday evening naked and drinking wine. Amazing. Anyway, I don’t always get to work from home now, but I will be choosing to work from home on the days where it’s good to be naked outside. Even if I have an incident today where the neighbor drove by while I was standing out here stretching my legs, I will still be enjoying my work from home days out here.

In addition to spending more days working outside naked, I will be getting out in nature more often too. I’m not sure how much time I will get each week or month, but I’m certainly going to make this a priority to get out into nature and do some naked walks at least once a month on the weekends when the weather is warm. I miss those early morning hikes I would do on the Appalachian Trail back home in Tennessee. I loved the early morning fog you would see while hiking and looking down over the valleys below from some of the lookout spots. It’s been almost ten years since I have been able to do that and I miss it greatly. I was often very afraid during those times because of thru-hikers trying to hike the entire Trail, but the older I get the less I seem to care about some incidental sighting of me. I think this realization helped spark my bucket lists adventures I wrote about last week. I’m sure some of you have come to this realization already, but, if not, then I can’t wait for you to get there. It’s really freeing to just not give a damn…mostly. I feel like spending time naked in nature is essential to the overall well-being and mental stability of us all. I have received many emails from readers stating they have a lot of secluded land around them, and they are able to take long, naked hikes throughout the day, and they have said this time in nature is essential for them. I’m finally starting to see that myself, and I hate I have missed out for so long.

Spending Time In Prayer And Devotion

I wholeheartedly believe we are meant to be spiritual beings, and that we have a higher power at play in our lives. Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, Life-Force Energy, the Universe, or the internal spirit of yourself, I believe we are called to have a faith in something greater than ourselves. Personally, I do believe in God and I do have a personal relationship with Christ. This is my personal preference but I don’t force it down someone’s throat. Like nudism, I will speak to it if asked about it, but I don’t broadcast or preach on it from a pedestal. Why do I feel this is important? On most occasions, I spend my devotional and prayer time naked and exposed before God. If God is the all knowing being that we believe He is, then it doesn’t matter if I have clothes on or not. I mean, according to Him, we were created in his image and were naked in the Garden of Eden. Why should I hide behind any shame of my body or sin from God? He already knows it according to His word and Christian beliefs. When I take this time for prayer, meditation, and devotion, I am saying that I want to be fully vulnerable and expose anything about me so that I may hand any concerns over to Him to take care of. For me, it’s like passing the wand off to someone else and handing over a problem that I don’t know how to fix or respond to. This allows me to rid myself of any negativity or concerns in my life that are truly out of my control. It’s one thing if it is within my control and I can take care of it, but it’s another if things are out of my control. For example, my ex and trying to get the final divorce decree filed and signed. I don’t have the time or energy to worry about other people doing their job or worrying about their opinion. I just want to live my life and move beyond things that are holding me back. Doing so allows me balance my stress, lower my fear, and manage my anxiety.

For many years I have lived without this spiritual balance in my life, and I can remember a time when I did have this balance knowing I was doing what was required of me. I spent a lot of time over the past few years wondering if God really was there, why would I have been put through all of these trials and hardships, and why did He not love me enough to take care of me? These are all hard questions to answer and could sometimes be impossible for us to answer in the moment, but what I have learned is the troubles we are allowed to go through in life are all part of His plan to make us better and to bring us closer to Him. If you don’t believe that, it is okay, but I’m sure you can relate to hard times in life make you better and give you more of a self awareness that you didn’t have before. I just wish organized religion would teach you that the naked body is not sinful, but man and our impure thoughts are what is sinful. One final thought on it; God knows your heart and your intention, and when your actions have pure thoughts and intentions, then the ‘nakedness’ of your sin will not be shown and the enemy, sin, cannot win. Nudity and Christianity can coexist.


Nutrition is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. I confess, I enjoy a glass or two of wine each night. Not because I need it or have an addiction, but simply because I enjoy it and it’s even better when enjoyed naked. Unfortunately, wine is not the primary concern over my nutrition, and I’m sure most of you can relate to this on many different levels. The older you get and the busier you are, the harder it is for us to adequately prepare foods that are nutritionally good for us. This has shown me how bad things really are for me in terms of nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

About 15 years ago, I was seeing a doctor who was an M.D., but she had been studying more naturopathic ways to treat patients. She had been seeing a few Gulf War veterans in her practice, and she was researching why they were having so many issues physically, mechanically, and internally with GI, depression, chronic illnesses that wouldn’t go away. She shared with me that during her research on this, many people, particularly military and veterans, were out of balance with their body’s natural vibrational state. All atoms and molecules are in a constant state of motion, and when the atom and molecules are in their natural state, they are in perfect vibrational harmony. Meaning they are vibrating at their normal frequencies with no change in excitation. Think of it this way…if you are dancing to a song that has a stable and systematic rhythm, then your dance moves will be consistent with the music, but lets say you add in some kind of fast-paced electronic music, then your dance moves will rapidly change to match the music. This is kind of how our bodies natural vibration works. In harmony with nature, our bodies and organs vibrate at a particular frequency. When our body is in a vibrational harmonic state, we are less susceptible to disease, sickness, and even death from those sicknesses. The major things that affect our vibrational frequencies are the foods we put in to our bodies. Eating foods that are not in their natural state, meaning raw, then we are taking a chance on altering the vibrational state of our body, and the longer we are out of balance, the more likely we are to experience diseases. Years ago I followed her guidance and had a number of issues disappear, so now I am refocusing myself to return to this state.

Currently, I am in one of the worst states of my entire life that I have been in physically. Not only have I suffered from weight gain, but I am starting to have back pain more frequently, my knees have started to hurt just walking up and down stairs, and I find myself not able to sleep a full 6-8 hours a night. Each day is a struggle to stay awake and I am unable to focus like I once could. My body has become out of balance with it’s natural state and I need to do something. I feel like it is affecting many aspects of my life mentally, emotionally, and physically, and I’m getting tired of feeling this way. My first step is going to be a major overhaul of my diet. I’m going to refocus myself and make out a meal plan that involves more fresh, raw vegetables, swap out red meat for salmon and other fish, and increase my water intake drastically. Maybe I need to begin a natural detox program too to expel a lot of things from my body too. I think that can give me a good starting point baseline to move forward with.

What About You?

I’m curious to know what you do in terms of maintain some kind of balance in your life. I know we all are different and are able to manage ourselves and our bodies in different ways. I’d love to hear what rituals you take to keep yourself balanced personally, professionally, physically, and spiritually, and how those rituals have made your life better. What can you live with and what can you live without? What improvements would you like to make, and do you include nakedness in those improvements? Share your story, because I would love to hear it.

Naked and out of balance,


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