To Open the Door Nude or Not: Everyday Nudist Opinion

  • February 14, 2023

Ryan, founder and blogger of Everyday Nudist, nude at his front door.

I have seen recently a lot of various discussions on Twitter and Reddit on whether to open the door nude or not. Here is my personal opinion on, as I know they vary on here and the other social media sites.

Short answer: I don’t open the door nude and I don’t think others should either.

Longer answer: While many will argue that “it is my house and I will do what I want” I can agree with. However, on the other side of the coin, why should people be subjected to the nude body if it is something they don’t agree with.

Forced Nudity

Nudism is a personal choice, and while many of us feel it is as natural as it gets and everyone should do it, not everyone feels that way. Furthermore, nudity isn’t an opinion that people talk about. For many, the nude body is something sacred that should only be shared with significant others, and not with strangers.  

As a nudist, it isn’t my job (or yours) to convert the world to nudism. Although, I feel as nudist we can be good stewards of the lifestyle and normalize the naked body, but it shouldn’t be forced on people.

Also, more likely than not people that show up to your house are doing it as part of their job. A job that you hired them to do by ordering something to be delivered to your house instead of going to the store and buying it; ultimately, they didn’t ask for it. And, if you opt to do it, don’t be pissed if the FedEx, UPS, or USPS leaves your package outside without knocking on the door, even if it ruins your package.

Much the same if you went to their place of business and they were forcing something on you that you don’t believe in (religion, politics, LGTBQIA+, etc.). Most people in the world get pissed off and go to social media throwing a rant that they shouldn’t be subjected to this type of behavior while “they” are out shopping; however, if we do it in our own home it is somehow acceptable for us to do that to someone else while they are doing their job.


Now if it is solicitors, well, I have no real issues with that because they are showing up uninvited and I didn’t hire them to be there…so they may get an eye full.

Jess at the front door doing a rear flash

Personal opinion but it is your choice

Again, this is my opinion as there is no right or wrong answer. Many of you will disagree with me and I will simply say we will agree to disagree on this subject.

I would just ask you to consider if forcing nudity on someone is appropriate, or if it is a big hassle to put on a robe or towel for 10 seconds so that you aren’t forcing nudity on someone because you didn’t want to go to the store to buy something.

Remember, everyone isn’t a nudist nor should they be and they shouldn’t be forced to see you naked because you want to be seen.

Take a moment to read a previous blog I wrote on understanding nudism and how to talk to people about it here.

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