What’s Appropriate to Comment on Male Clients’ Images — Mad Chicken Studio Boudoir


As you all know, we started photographing the mens! It’s been fascinating to see them open up and share the same vulnerability we ask of our women and non binary clients. Their reactions have been ultimately the same as the clients we’ve photographed for years. “This is one of the best things I could have done for myself.” “It’s a really good way to see my individuality and the way my wife sees me.” “I’ve always wanted to do something like this but it’s hard to put myself out there and make it happen!”

When we started sharing their sessions, the social media reactions were incredible! We love seeing men be vulnerable and in positions deemed sensual or just straight up sexy! It’s not something we see all the time and we want to show them the same love we show all of our femme presenting humans… but how without sounding and feeling like a total creep?!

So, we brought the question to not only our male clients but to men all over the internet. How do you want to be complimented? What’s a comfortable level? What can we say that would flatter you but also not gross you out? And we got some of the very expected results but were quite surprised by others.

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