Let’s make naked cities and towns, to countries to a nudist world!


The world is great to be a nudist one. I want a nudist world. Nudism benefits humanity. I would love nudism to make naked shame obsolete. We should make naked cities and towns, naked countries, naked territories and a naked world.

Cap d’Agde may be considered nudist, but it also has a lot of swinger stuff. Public nudity to legalize should be a lot in non-sexual nude stuff to do as much as possible. Charco del Palo in the Lanzarote island of the Atlantic Ocean is a nice nudist town. Let’s make more towns and cities like Charco del Palo.

San Francisco in California has been known for having a liberal culture and trying to have public nudity legal. I live pretty close to the area of San Francisco. Let’s have all public nudity become legal in the future.

I am in California, and it’s one of the areas of the world in having its own independence movement that lately has been thriving and growing. I have expressed my support for a country of California, which is where I grew up and therefore I feel like a Californian by heart. Among the reasons for my support of an independent California include its economy being so large, both major US political parties no longer do what helps the people a lot, Donald Trump having made the nation of the USA divided, California having made more progress on things like the right for women to vote and same-sex marriages legal before the entire United States did and the United States founded by slavery as well.

In the United States, as I pointed out on another blog post here, has also been weird in not allowing nudism a lot and criminalizing public nudity on local and state levels. In the United States in particular, nakedness is more of being horrified than over the bad and ugly like war, violence, racism, bigotry and torture.

In YouTube videos I have seen that of the countries that are on the verge of no longer existing, the United States is one of them. So, for the thriving independence movements of the United States like New England, Texas, California and Cascadia, would it be better for such regions to soon gain independence and as soon as it happens also legalize public nudity there that way? It appears as if the United States is closing nudist venues and therefore seeing a regression, at least in some cases, in nude bodies to see.

There is Europe which doesn’t see the nude body as a big deal, which is no big deal at all, but are there any countries there that do have public nudity as legal? Well, at least Spain does. The rest of the world should be like Spain in having public nudity legal.

Any new country that forms in the future should be in legalizing public nudity if it’s illegal currently. And once we have a good number of nudist countries, we should move on the the nudist world! I just favor a worldwide nudist revolution as a result.

As humans it’s also fit for us to be in no coverings or clothes on. It’s just the way we’re made to be. Bring on a nudist revolution to make nudism available to all in the world in the future.

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