Confident babe Experience: Mrs. K


I recently had a photo shoot at the Norman Adoralee Photography studio .I had been added to the vip group, Confident Babes, a couple of months ago by a friend who had heard that this company was completely professional and had a way of making you feel as though you are the most beautiful being in the world. I was the natural woman Facebook stalker and watched the posts and deals come through, to see if this was something I would even consider. I looked at you pictures and portfolios and watched beautiful, humbling women talk about how they felt strong and empowered and thought to myself, “this is something you need”. Not to mention, my husband would be floored that I would do something like this. I had lost quite a bit of weight in the last two years but when you have lived in the mindset of not being proud of your body for so long, it is hard to come out of that mindset so easy. I had worked and worked on myself to be proud of the body I was in so when my best friend demanded that we were doing this and I had no choice, well you do what she says.


I was entirely too nervous walking up the stairs to meet my makeup and hair lady and OH MY GOSH! First off, remarkable human! She was so loving and kind. She related to me, talked to me about all things in the world that I had brought up. As I confessed my anxiety, she welcomed it and began by telling me about her experience and what to expect. She never minimalized my feelings or brushed them off. She accepted them and put my heart to ease. She also did a freaking awesome job with both my hair and makeup. I got the privilege of meeting and talking with my photographer before we short and she was so open and truly and sweet, funny woman.





When it was time to go shoot she was the most phenomenal coach I had ever met. She instantly put on music that was in my wheelhouse. She talked with my about outfits, and coached my through every pose she had me do. She was calm, patient and never made me feel rushed or awkward. The best part about everything was how much both women rooted for me. As my makeup was being done, the lady was just full of compliments and adoration. The photographer was the same way, she cheered for me after successful poses or when I would pull of a “hot” look. I felt so strong and beautiful. I say strong first because they made me feel like I could do anything!

I will never forget what those women did for my confidence that day or how much they made me feel gorgeous and sexy. Although I didn’t choose to do this all on my own, I could not have loved my experience any more. These woman and this business is in the market for being your exposer. They expose your beauty, your strength and your wonder.


I truly want those of you who are considering to know, this was my very first time and I left with the confidence to “work it” and the complete adoration of myself. They showed me so many things about myself that I had no idea I even could do or what I truly embody. Take the chance, let your hair down, grab those sexy high heels and just go love yourself. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

I truly and so thankful for showing me all my glory. My husband loves them too


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