“You deserve all the hype!” with Duluth Boudoir Photography — Mad Chicken Studio Boudoir


What is your every day style/vibe/look? I rock no makeup a lot, but I like to change up my look, I really like what I call “High maintain Bruh girl look” (flannels, hat, leggings, cute shoes, minimal make up, but still cute ;))

Describe your experience. Oh man! 1. The moment I walked in I was greeted with excitement and was told everything I was feeling was normal. 2. This was MY session, Jes, Katie, and Emily were beyond helpful! They gave their opinions if I asked and made sure I was comfortable, happy, and having the best time! 3. Those 3 are the best hype girls! I could not keep my game face on because I was laughing and having such a good time. So it short my experience was priceless!

What was your favorite part of your session? My favorite part was watching Jes’ mind think! She is so creative and wants to make each person experience their own. She broke me out of my comfort zone in the BEST way! Then being able to see the finished product! GLORIOUS!

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