Miss M | Santorini + Mykonos Greece Destination Boudoir Photographer


“She was living, no matter what the world told her she couldn’t do, she just went on, chin up into the sun. And realized that life, by its very nature, is brave.” -Atticus

Miss M has now had two sessions with FF! This session was extra special, as it was also her first BIG international trip to Europe! Miss M, thank you for trusting the FF crew with this special occasion. I’m so proud of you for jumping all in and doing something just for you! You’ve got that self-love, badass glow in all of the images that we created. We loved what she had to say about her time abroad and her experience with destination boudoir…

“Sometimes in life, especially as women, it becomes far to easy to forget about ourselves. We become so caught up in the hustle and bustle, being there for everyone else, and ensuring those we love are taken care of.

The FF team creates such a unique opportunity to honor yourself. I’ve done two shoots with the team and both times have helped me reconnect with a different part of who I am not only as a person but as a strong woman. There is something so real, so raw, and beautiful about stripping it all down (literally) and leaning into yourself.

These are a few photos of my most recent experience with the team where I explored different parts of the world while realigning with the different parts of myself I had been neglecting for far too long. I’m beyond grateful to have such beautiful photos to look back on and remind myself what it looks like to honor myself 🤍” – Miss M

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