“It was awesome, from start to finish!” || Duluth Boudoir Interview — Mad Chicken Studio Boudoir


Describe your experience. It was awesome, from start to finish! I drove up from the Twin Cities area and was nervous for the whole week before. It was such a delight to be the center of attention, have outfits selected for me, hair and makeup done, and all the instruction along the way to pose, smile, etc. I have missed a lot of fun, in-person activities, especially with other women. I have missed it a lot, especially being pregnant and having a baby during the pandemic; it’s all been so isolating. I am a nudist at heart and was totally fine being naked in front of strangers. All the praise and sneak peeks of the photos from the whole team was amazing and kept me hyped up all throughout my day!

What was your favorite part of your session? False eyelashes were out of my comfort zone but so fun and glam!

How did you feel about yourself after your session? Amazed that I looked that awesome on camera! Like I said, I was looking forward to seeing what my husband sees, and it was amazing how well Jes captured that. Anytime I am questioning my bodys size or shape in the future, these photos will be a great reminder of how awesome and slammin’ my bod is. (bad thoughts be gone!)

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