Beautiful Boudoir Session in Dallas, TX


boudoir photography dallas

Beautiful Lisa is back for her second shoot with us! When she came to us for her first boudoir photoshoot, she was doing it as an anniversary gift. This time around, she decided to do it just for herself. When she saw we were doing a second issue of #thebeautifulover40project, she knew she had to be a part of it. Lisa is feeling like the best version of herself and is really stepping into her own. She wanted this second boudoir shoot to really show that & be an example to other women that “Nothing about you needs to be perfect, just be who you are & love yourself.” I love this message!⁣⁣
Not only did Lisa come back for a second boudoir photoshoot with us, she did her second session only three months after her first one because she had such a wonderful experience the first time! Lisa had this to say about her experience with us on Google, “I did the boudoir shoot with Candace as a gift for [my husband] wearing his letterman jacket from high school. She made me feel like a supermodel, I never saw myself like that before!”⁣⁣

boudoir photography dallas
boudoir photography dallas

For Lisa’s first boudoir photoshoot, we went for a bit more of a sweet, sexy pinup look as her hubby loves it when she embodies Marilyn Monroe which she loves doing for fun on a regular basis. For her second shoot, she decided to go for more of a dark, powerful type of sexy and I am here for it! How amazing does she look on our new Cigar Lounge set?! Which is your favorite photo from her session? ⁣

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